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New Series Coming Soon! -

I was going to post this on Tuesday, but I'm not going to have internet access for a few days, so I figure- no time like the present!

Tuesday, March 7th is the official release of the collab comic project I've been doing with my sister, Monika. If you like to subscribe to it in advance, you can find the series here.

It's called HoHumDeeDem! And if you've been following me on my twitter, you probably already know that I just recently had to add another ten chapters to the ending. This means that the production date for the livNPC sequel has been pushed back to July (KNOCK ON WOOD) I'll keep you posted if I have to push it back again.

As usual, the sequel fundraiser is still going on. If you'd like to support the sequel you can make a pledge on Patreon or donate to livNPC's ko-fi page. I'd greatly appreciate it.

I hope you guys enjoy HoHumDeeDum! See you next week!